Extended Warranty Terms
While most secondhand shops in Singapore do not provide any warranty, we at Reebelo believe in the high quality of our pre-loved devices and want to give you peace of mind when buying at Reebelo. That's why every device comes with a minimum of 1 month free, extended Reebelo Care Warranty which can be topped up to 3 or 6 months on checkout.
What does Reebelo Care Warranty cover?
Good question, let's take a look into that together! Reebelo's Care Warranty is more comprehensive than usual manufacturer warranties. It ensures that your product has no damages and can be used without problems until the end of the warranty period. Our warranty therefore covers all product defects (hardware and software) during the warranty period which are different than what you ordered (unless it was caused by external conditions, see next point).
What does Reebelo Care Warranty NOT cover?
That's an equally important question, and we are very transparent about that as well. In general, the limited warranty does not cover any damages caused by the customer, family members, friends, or any other external persons or impact. Which means, in case that the phone drops down, has a water damage or was in any other way influenced by external factors, it is unfortunately not covered in our extended warranty package anymore. But don't worry or through your phone away! We have great discounts for repair services with our partners. Simply reach out to support@reebelo.com and we will help you to figure out how much reapir would cost.
How do I reach out to Reebelo in case of issues?
Thank you so much for thinking about that. Our team at Reebelo also looks forward hearing from you, even if it is about warranty. In cases of warranty, our merchant partner from whom you got the device will repair or replace the device for free. Simply reach out to support@reebelo.com with your order number and a detailed description about what happened to the device. Two things are important. First, make sure to report the damage as soon as possible to us. Our merchants do not cover any damages after the end of the extended warranty phase (starting on the date of delivery) and might refuse covering the damage if it happened more than a week ago prior to reporting. Second, you must be very transparent about what really happened. We are sure that you never lie to us, but nevertheless have to test all devices which reach us. Our experts are very good in doing so and always find out if there were water damages, dropped phones or other external causes. Also, we do check the IMEI/serial number of your device to ensure that it is the same device we sent you. We think it's unfair to report such things (as it just increases prices for all other customers who are transparent) and therefore will return your device at your own costs if this happens.
How long does it take and what happens if the issue cannot be repaired?
In cases where the problem cannot be solved by a quick repair, our merchants do offer free replacements. For the unlikely case that this is not possible, you will of course get a full refund initiated. The timing for solving your warranty case can vary depending on the issue. While our merchants are able to solve most cases within 3-4 days, sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks if rare replacement materials have to be ordered. As always, we want to ensure high quality and don't compromise on that.
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