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Reebelo is a registered Secondhand Goods Dealer. Please note that we are legally obliged to verify your ID and check if the device was stolen prior to buying your phone.


"Reebelo provides prompt service for selling second hand phones."

Garett K.

on September 20, 2019

"Quick service and process. I would recommend Reebelo to friends."

Claire N.

on October 1, 2019

"Great how easy it was. Sold my phone without any effort. Nice experience."

Nathan R.

on November 22, 2019

Is Reebelo trustworthy?

Trust is one of our most important values. Since we pick up your phone prior to payment and verify your ID, we understand your concerns. But don't worry: Our company is a Singapore-based registered Secondhand Goods Dealer and all transactions are monitored by Singapore Police Force where we upload the phone's IMEI number and the transaction details. You can always reach us during the day via our support chat, via email to or via phone +65 3163 6852.

What happens after I completed the form?

As soon as you finished the form, we find the highest buyback price among our partners. Reebelo works with multiple buyback providers to ensure that you always get a fair price for your phone. Next, you will receive an email (or whatsapp) showing how much you get for your phone. If you are satisfied with this price range, let us know which time works best so that we can pick it up for free. Within 1 working day after the pickup, the final on-site check will be done and we can provide you with the final price. In case of acceptance, we will transfer the money to your account within 3 days. If you decide to refuse, we will send the phone back to you for free. You find more information and our buyback terms here.

Why is there an on-site check prior to payment?

After you finished the questionnaire and accepted the quoted price range, we pick up your phone for free to do a final check in our factory. This on-site check is necessary to provide you with the highest possible value for your device. A questionnaire alone never fully identifies the value of your phone and we could only offer you a lower price or would need to make a counter offer. While some other players might do so, we are 100% transparent on what we do right from the start.

How long will it take to sell my phone?

The completion of the form takes max. 2 minutes. We will pick up the device at your preferred time and do the check within 1 working day. In case that you accept the proposed price, payment will be transferred within max. 3 working days. The whole process therefore takes usually 2 - 5 days.