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  1. Complete the selling form to find out how much your phone is worth.
  2. Review the email you received with the estimated price and choose your pickup preferences.
  3. Free doorstep pickup at your chosen time & destination.
  4. 40+ checkpoints on-site analysis of your phone by our experts.
  5. Accept or refuse the proposed price.
  6. Receive your payment within 3 days.

Your Trusted Marketplace

Reebelo is a registered Secondhand Goods Dealer. Please note that we are legally obliged to verify your ID and check if the device was stolen prior to buying your phone.

Based in Singapore

100% transparent: secured payments, no last minuite cancellations. We believe in great customer service and are always there for you. Sell with Reebelo super fast today!


After you finished the questionnaire and accepted the quoted price range, we pick up your phone for free to do a final check in our factory. By choosing your preferred time and address, you ensure that you will be approachable for the collection so that our courier does not waste his/her time. In case that you won't be at home, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule the pickup.

By handing over your smartphone for further checks to Reebelo, you acknowledge that you are the legit owner of the phone, that you have the right to sell it, that the phone was not stolen, that Reebelo is permitted to check it for final price determination and that you truthfully answered the questionnaire based on which you received the quote. Reebelo works together with several professional buyback providers and will find on your behalf the partner who can buy your device for the highest. It is up to you to accept the offered price or to refuse. In case of refusal, the smartphone will be delivered back to you via mail. In case of acceptance, we will initiate payment to your banking account within 3 days.

As a registered secondhand goods dealer, Reebelo and our partners are legally obliged to verify your ID prior to confirming the contract. Please note that the contract for selling your phone will be initiated between you and our partner who offers the highest price only after you provided us with the necessary picture of your ID and the bank details so that we can transfer the payment. In case that the phone was registered as stolen or you don't provide the ID verification to us, no contract will be materialized. If the phone was registered as stolen, we will notify and hand the device over to Singapore Police Force immediately.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact via phone +65 3129 2433 or email to support@reebelo.com.