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Why You Should Consider Buying Unlocked Phones

Mobile phone carriers, including those in Singapore, usually lock the phones they sell in order that these phones function only with the respective carrier’s network.

Nonetheless, unlocked phones that can enable users to flexibly change phone operators to benefit from more features and services than what specific carriers offer are becoming more prevalent in the market.

We look into the reasons why you should consider buying an unlocked phone instead of remaining stuck with a carrier-locked phone with your existing mobile phone carrier.

What is an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone does not have a software code to lock a user and stop him or her from using the phone on another mobile network. A locked phone on the other hand, has this software code that limits a user to a phone network. Having an unlocked phone means that a user can use a different SIM card to get a different phone service on the same phone.

Benefit #1: Change Carriers Without Changing Phone

One of the greatest pros to getting an unlocked phone is that if you wish to change phone operators, you can flexibly do so without much hassle. You would simply have to insert a new SIM card and sign up for a particular service without having to purchase another phone.

With an unlocked phone already at hand, changing carriers will not lead you through the unnecessary hassle of unlocking your existing phone and switching phone plans.

Such a benefit is especially important because you can look around for the cheapest carrier service instead of remaining stuck with your existing carrier simply because you refuse to get a new phone.

Benefit #2: Useful When Traveling Overseas

Having an unlocked phone would come in handy when you travel overseas as well.

Usually, it would cost you less to use a local wireless service provider while overseas.

Once more, you would simply have to insert a local SIM card and lo and behold - you can use your phone in the same way as when you were in Singapore.

Having an unlocked phone gives you the flexibility in getting a new local number and local SIM card. Hence it would cost you much less to make your calls and use the Internet in the country where you are in, as compared when you only can use a carrier service from Singapore that would need expensive overseas (think of your poor wallet) roaming on the overseas network. 

Benefit #3: Change Your Phone Without Being Bound By A Phone Contract

Again, flexibility comes into play with an unlocked phone.

If you wish to upgrade your phone or get a refurbished one instead of a brand new model to save money, you would have the freedom to do so without being bound by cumbersome carrier contracts that tie you to a specific carrier and a specific phone for a period of time.

Having an unlocked phone from the start will offer you a wide range of phone choices. You would not be restricted to the phones that your existing carrier has.

Rather, you can choose to save even more money by buying discounted phones from resellers or trusted second-hand marketplaces like Reebelo. For example, Reebelo offers you a great collection of top quality, competitively priced, pre-loved iPhones and Android models with at least a 1-month warranty.

Indeed, by having an unlocked phone, you can choose to upgrade your phone freely (while enjoying discounts when you get a preloved model) without being tied down to your particular carrier and phone contract.

Benefit #4: You Do Not Have To Choose Your Carrier Simply Because Of Your Desired Phone Model And Vice Versa

Besides having the freedom to choose your phone model from a wide collection in the market and on marketplaces like Reebelo, having an unlocked phone means that you do not have to choose your phone carrier simply because of your desired phone model available only in that particular carrier.

Phone carrier choices should involve a wide variety of factors, such as the carrier’s range of services, network quality and promotions (if any). You should not be choosing a phone carrier simply because they are the only ones in the market that have your desired phone model.

Conversely, you need not be limited to the limited phone range of your existing carrier when you have or decide to get an unlocked phone.

With an unlocked phone, you get to enjoy your desired phone model and its features as well as the benefits of your selected phone carrier to accompany your phone usage.

Benefit #5: Unlocked Phones Enable Easier Trade-In

As the years go by, a variety of premium smartphones (think the iPhone 11 for example) have been priced at super-expensive thresholds (over a thousand Singapore dollars).

These sky-high prices would cost consumers like you a huge deal of your hard-earned money.

In dire economic times like the one we are currently facing, the last thing you would want to face is a ridiculous four digit phone price for your desired phone model.

If you were to have the latest model of the iPhone tied in with your specific phone carrier, you would be paying by installments that would accumulate as the months go by. Your accumulated payments would eventually not look good on your finances in the long run .

Instead, why not consider trading your existing phone in to get an unlocked phone that is also pre-loved and refurbished, at a great discount - thus saving your hard-earned money for other necessary items?

By trading your existing phone in and getting your desired unlocked phone, you would be making double savings!

If you currently have a carrier-locked phone, you might find it challenging to find a buyer because buyers might not wish to use the services of your existing carrier. You would have to go through the tiresome process of asking your carrier to unlock your phone before you trade it in.

On the other hand, if you have an unlocked phone at hand, you would not have to fret if a potential buyer wants to use your existing carrier. Regardless of phone carrier, your unlocked phone can be used.

Moreover, we at Reebelo provide you competitive phone trade-in prices to ensure that you as our customer get the best value out of your phone transaction as well as get the best quality phone you desire. Our excellent phone collection offers customers the freedom and range to choose their most ideal phone. Even if customers’ existing phones have defects, we would still buy them because we want to reduce the amount of phone waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes the environment. In fact, for every phone that is transacted on our platform, we plant a tree to contribute in building a green environment for ourselves and the next generation!

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