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You are in shopping mode to get another phone to upgrade your existing phone or replace your old, lost, stolen or damaged phone.

Perhaps you have checked the prices of the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Model, only to shake your head because your budget cannot afford the thousands of dollars tagged to these new models.

You are exploring the various cheaper alternatives, such as getting a used phone or refurbished phone.

Yet, you are confused as to which alternative is the better option for you.

If you are in such a situation as described, read on to find out the differences between a refurbished and a secondhand phone and why a refurbished phone is better.

Secondhand iPhone

What Is A ‘Secondhand Phone’?

The common understanding of what constitutes a ‘secondhand phone’ (or ‘used phone’) is that this device generally comes fresh from the previous phone user who has either put it up for sale or donated it to somebody else.

A used phone might contain damaged batteries, negligible scratchmarks or considerable damage (such as a severely cracked screen).

Unfortunately, many sellers of their used phones are not entirely honest with the existing defects on their phones and thus cheat unsuspecting buyers into buying these defective items, however cheap their prices might be.

refurbished phone

What is A ‘Refurbished Phone’?

A refurbished phone is a device that has gone through some form of repair, cleaning and/or maintenance.

If you were to visualise along the range of used phones to brand new ones, refurbished devices fall somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum.

It is possible that some refurbished phones were devices that were used but that have gone through some form of polishing or repair.

Other refurbished phones could also be devices that were returned to retailers/carriers not too long after their original sales and given a fresh warranty or some cleaning up.

Simply put, a refurbished phone could be almost brand new or it could be a used phone that has undergone touch-ups and various quality checks (40+) from manufacturers and/or sellers.

In both cases, such a phone will have been comprehensively checked for any possible defects.

Once certified to be of top quality and excellent usability, this phone will usually be put up for re-sale.

refurbished phones

Dangers Of Buying SecondHand Phones

As briefly indicated above, you should exercise caution when spending your money on any secondhand phone from individual private sellers and even from some shops.

A secondhand phone fresh off the hands of their previous owners or from some dodgy private retailers might have certain defects that reduce the quality and usability of the phones when you buy it.

Many negative phone transactions have proven time and again that the Internet and various brick-and-mortar stores are filled with dishonest phone sellers who are merely looking to make a quick buck off your desperation for a new phone.

Once your hard-earned money is in their hands, they could care less as to the condition of the phone they have sold to you.

For example, such as used phone might have an old battery that dies in every few hours due to the past owner’s overcharging, or contain various scratches that reduce its overall aesthetic quality and feel.

What is even more risky is that the used phone that you might be eyeing might not have undergone reliable quality checks and might not have a reasonable warranty period, if any at all.

Better Option: A Refurbished Phone

In light of the various risks that getting a used phone entails, let us consider the benefits when you buy a quality refurbished phone instead of a faulty or no-warranty secondhand one.

second hand phone

Enjoy Top Quality And Cost-Savings With A Refurbished Phone

First and foremost, buying a refurbished phone would mean that you are buying a phone that has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired by specialists trained in electronics and mechatronics, usually from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of the particular phone.

With your phone refurbished by the OEM, you get access to the same quality of tech support just as if you were to buy an expensive new phone.

Celebrate the fact that the price you will pay for a refurbished phone is far less than the price you might pay for a brand new one.

Thus, instead of getting a brand new phone, getting a refurbished one at a reasonable market price would mean that you are getting a revamped and reconditioned device to suit your needs while enjoying significant cost savings.

In fact, some have said that buying a refurbished phone is less risky and far more worth it than getting a brand new one.

This is because by getting a refurbished phone at a considerably lower price (than that of a brand new one), you can get a high-end device that has been extensively checked for quality (based on product specifications) as well as obtain a warranty period by the manufacturer or the retailer.

In contrast, you might run the risks of getting a brand new phone with certain liabilities that might have gone unchecked.

For example, you might buy a brand new phone at a startingly high price but might have to return it in a few days after discovering existing scratches on your screen or other parts of the phone.

Thankfully, we at Reebelo are on your side when it comes to getting refurbished phones. We make sure you purchase your refurbished phone with us at the best possible market price.

Moreover, being certified and accredited by the Singapore authorities, we ensure that you as a buyer get the best value for your dollars spent from our range of refurbished phones.

used iphones

A Refurbished Phone Reduces Environmental Waste

By choosing to buy a refurbished phone, you will be contributing in your own way to the overall demand in the refurbished and retrofitted phone industry.

By supporting the refurbished phone industry, you are indirectly encouraging more people to trade their used phones in for the latter to undergo repair and touch-ups, instead of going to landfills and polluting the environment.

Thus you can get a refurbished phone instead of only chasing after brand new ones to reduce the overall amount of environmental or e-waste due to the manufacturing of brand new phones.

We at Reebelo plant a tree for every refurbished phone purchased to tangibly indicate the positive impact you will have on the environment by choosing a refurbished phone instead of a brand new one.

used iphones

Get Your Refurbished Phone At Reebelo Now!

You will have everything to gain when you decide to purchase a refurbished phone with Reebelo. Reebelo’s accredited refurbishing partners transform secondhand devices to excellent working conditions. We ensure that all devices for sale are in top condition with accompanying warranty periods. Purchase your refurbished phone from Reebelo’s diverse range of high quality electronic devices right away here!  

By Angeline Tan

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