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Why Phone Batteries Die Out And What You Can Do About It

Ever had the experience of getting a new phone in hopes that the battery life can outlast your previous one, only to have the latter getting weaker and weaker as the days go by?

You are not alone.

Many phone users are not spared from this frustration either.

Why do phone batteries fail to last, despite the horrendous amounts of money we invest in to get the latest phone models all the time?

Read on to find out why phone batteries die out and what you can do about it.

Batteries Die Out So Fast Because Of Mobile Phone Advances

Owing to technological advancements in phones, phone battery lifespans take a hit because the batteries use a lot of energy when they have to operate various increasing features and applications.

What Are Phone Batteries Made Up Of?

The typical battery in a smartphone is generally made up of a material called lithium cobalt.  

Generally, lithium batteries decrease over time upon every charge cycle.

Moreover, Singapore’s hot and humid weather can reduce the lithium battery performance over time as temperature is a factor reducing battery lifespan.

Other factors leading to lithium battery failure encompass but are not limited to over-charging, short circuits as well as various manufacturing defects.

Now that we have established what causes lithium batteries in phones to decrease in lifespan over time, let us explore the ways we can employ to conserve our phone batteries.

Minimise Or Close Phone Applications

Your favourite phone applications, especially those that have a lot of audio or graphic images, consume huge amounts of battery life.

Video game applications are some of the biggest factors consuming a great deal of battery life, especially when they feature a lot of free advertisements.

What you can do to save your battery life is to minimise the non-essential applications or simply close them when not in use.

This is because applications that are silently running in the background will take a toll on your already struggling battery life.

A good habit to have is that before sleeping every night, you can have a scan through the applications in use (or not) on your phone.

Remember to close each application icon when they are not needed.


Reduce Phone Brightness

One surefire way to extend your battery lifespan is to reduce the level of brightness on your phone screen.

A greater amount of brightness on your screen will need more battery consumption.

Hence, reducing your phone brightness will in turn reduce consumption. .

Additional benefits of reducing phone brightness include reducing the screen glare on your eyes.

Turn Off Your Location Tracker

We have been so accustomed to turning on our location trackers on our phones to showcase our exact location that we often fail to realise the sheer amount of battery energy these trackers consume.

While necessity might demand that we use such GPS technology on our phones to locate someone or be located, being negligent to turn the GPS off can be a huge waste in battery life.

The best habit to adopt would be to turn on your GPS tracker only when you need it and turn it off after your tracking purposes have been served.

Turn Your Wi-Fi Connection Off

Help your phone save battery when you turn your Wi-Fi connection off.

If you constantly leave your Wi-Fi connection turned on, your phone will be consuming a lot of energy searching for a possible hotspot.

Connecting to the nearest Wi-Fi signal unnecessarily can be a major battery waster.

Again, the rule applies: use only when needed.

Turn On Your Airplane Mode

While some phone features have to be turned off to reduce battery consumption, some features can be turned on instead.

An example of such a feature would be your phone’s airplane mode.

Turning on your airplane mode can be done to conserve a huge amount of battery, even when you are not flying.

The only drawback to turning on your airplane mode is that you would be unable to receive texts, calls and other messages from the Internet.

Thus, you might want to turn on your airplane mode before sleeping.

Alternatively, turn off your airplane mode when you are commuting in the subway to prevent battery wastage when your phone tries to find a signal underground.

Turn Off Or Decrease Push Notifications For Apps

In this day and age, staying connected in real time is a huge temptation to many of us.

Yet, every instant notification we receive when someone likes our uploaded Facebook photo or mentions us on Twitter will have a toll on our phone battery lifespan.

Again, if you are serious about conserving your battery life, turn off all notifications entirely, or limit them to the essential applications.

Get A Phone With An Enhanced Battery Life

If you have done all these steps above but are still struggling with a wavering battery life, perhaps it is high time you change your existing phone.

Recent phone models such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the longest battery life of all the iPhones put together, as of the point of writing.

This iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 3,969mAh battery and enjoys five hours more battery life than the previous iPhone XS Max.

In practice, should you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and if you are a conservative phone user, you might enjoy up to two days without the need for an additional battery charge.

If you prefer to stick to Android phones, the Samusung Galaxy S10 is one of the phones with a generally better battery life.

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By Angeline Tan 

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