Where To Buy Used Phones In Singapore


Like it or not, used mobile phones are on the rage right now in Singapore.

What could cost you $700 a couple of years back for a brand new mobile phone could cost you at least a $1500 and more nowadays. For example, as of February 2020, the iPhone 11 Pro can cost up to a whopping amount of $2349!

Yet the reality is that phones are an integral part of our daily lives and work. Most of us would find it tough to get by our everyday lives without a mobile phone.

That being said, with the prices of the latest state-of-the-art phones costing an enormous chunk of our monthly income, you could consider a cheaper alternative: getting used phones in good quality the next time you decide to upgrade your phone.

How Can You Get Used Phones?

Well, there are various ways you can get used phones in Singapore! Check the following tips you can use when you are shopping for used phones this year!


#1: Selling Used Phones In Singapore

Sounds pretty obvious, isn’t it?  While some of you out there might be still going to offline stores to get used phones and trade in your old phones, you will be limiting yourself to the selection of phones available in the particular brick and mortar store you might visit. Many of these locally owned mobile stores usually have a restricted phone selection, and you might not be able to get the particular model you want at that particular store.

Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you can buy used phones at these offline stores at the best bargain possible, given that you would be unable to cross-reference and compare phone prices across a variety of locations in Singapore.

Another common pain point of offline mobile phone store customers is that these phones from these stores usually do not come with a warranty.  

What is even scarier is that some of these brick and mortar stores based in Singapore are untrustworthy and seek to take advantage of you as a customer. Therefore, buy at your own risk!

#2: Buying Used Devices On Carousell

You might be already an avid Carousell buyer or might be thinking of becoming one soon to get a used phone. Having said that, the world of Carousell can be a complicated one when you might have to write to a couple of potential sellers to order your phone and each seller would charge at different price points. You stand a risk of having the seller go MIA (missing-in action) after you have completed the payment transaction without even getting your order and hence might face to burden of having to make a cumbersome police report.

Furthermore, do not expect any free deliveries to your home as Carousell is by an large a personal platform where people sell their pre-loved goods. Thus it follows that many of these items traded have not been vetted or inspected for quality issues.

If you do not want to invest the time and effort to meet the seller face-to-face, simply be prepared to pay for delivery costs amounting to an average of two Grab taxi rides or more as well as the risk that the actual phone you have bought might not work after a week or two.

Bear in mind that while there are trustworthy and highly rated Carousell accounts that have warranties, these reliable accounts are very few. Most accounts usually have low or no ratings and are from unknown sellers.

#3: Buy From Singapore’s Leading Marketplaces For Pre-Loved Smartphones

If you are frustrated with the limited product range, high risks and uncompetitive prices at both offline stores and Carousell, consider getting a new phone from a Singapore-accredited online electronic marketplace like Reebelo. While you might sneer at the prospect that Reebelo is an online market place, the truth is that Reebelo is like no other. It offers top-quality, refurbished and tested used phones at super-affordable prices that you might not get at offline stores or even Carousell.

Come to think of it, do you really need the most recent or most complex smartphone in the market in our daily lives? How about re-evaluating your actual needs and saving lots of hard-earned money in the process by getting an excellent quality phone at Reebelo at hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less?

Credibility-wise, Reebelo works with several trusted and established business partners to provide you phones with highly competitive prices as well as offers a comprehensive variety of mobile phones for you to have your pick! Reebelo has proven to be THE trusted platform in Singapore given its good reviews and past track record.

What is even better, you can even enjoy a FREE delivery of your selected phone right to your doorstep! Besides, unlike offline stores and Carousell that do not necessarily offer you product warranty, Reebelo provides you a month warranty that can be extended for up to six months!

If you are thinking of selling your old phone, consider trading it with Reebelo by keying in your phone model and the condition it is in on Reebelo’s website. Await a free doorstep pickup from Reebelo for your old phone!


Learn To Purchase Your Smartphone The Smart Way

Be prudent and distinguish your needs from your wants when you are choosing a new smartphone. By using Reebelo as your trusted marketplace to trade in your old phones and even get top-quality used phones at highly affordable prices, you will be able to save a ton of your hard-earned income while getting almost brand-new and highly workable phones!

What are you waiting for? Browse through the collection now!


-By Angeline Tan

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