If you need a new tablet but are turned off by the exorbitant prices of the latest iPad, consider getting a pre-owned one at a much cheaper price and saving heaps of money in the process.

Otherwise, if you are thinking of getting rid of your pre-owned tablet, consider selling it and getting some money in return to purchase a new one.

This guide will show you the various possibilities by which you can buy and sell your pre-owned tablet in Singapore and point out the most cost-effective and reliable way.

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Buy & Sell On Carousell And Similar Marketplaces At A Huge Risk

At first glance, you might probably be keen to buy and sell pre-owned tablets on Carousell, eBay, Craigslist and other similar personal peer-to-peer marketplaces.

However, these peer-to-peer marketplaces with low barriers to entry are not without their risks.

On the buy side, be prepared for the risk of getting a defective good (short battery life, cracks and scratches on the actual product that might have been hidden by the previous tablet owner, faulty parts, etc.).

This is because such marketplaces like Carousell have limited or no inspection checks or accreditations to guarantee your interests as a buyer against fraudulent sellers who are merely there to make a convenient buck out of your naivete.

On the sell side, get ready to wait eons before coming across a willing buyer who is willing to pay a desirable price for your pre-owned tablet.

If you were careless in the past and accidentally cracked the screen of your tablet or overcharged its batteries, the chances of you finding a willing buyer to pay a decent amount for your damaged tablet will be reduced immensely.

Moreover, as a seller on such marketplaces, face the risk of a no-show and no payment from buyers when you prepare to meet them face-to-face to deliver your tablet.

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Buy And Sell At Reebelo, Singapore’s Trusted And Established Marketplace

To save yourself the hassle of having to open an account on Carousell, eBay, Craigslist and the like and having to wait ages for willing and suitable buyers and sellers of tablets, consider using Reebelo’s services to manage your intended transactions.

Reebelo is Singapore’s trusted marketplace for pre-owned electronics including tablets you might be thinking of getting or wishing to sell.

A certified Secondhand Goods Dealer, Reebelo reports its transactions and other activities to the Singapore Police Force to ensure complete transparency and accountability to you as a customer.

No stolen goods are to be transacted on Reebelo’s platform, for we verify the identification of everyone who sells their pre-loved goods to us for security purposes.

Reebelo has proven to be credible and reliable to its customers, given existing positive reviews about us.

Reebelo’s customer-centric mission means that you as a customer will get to enjoy secured payments AT ONCE or WITHIN A DAY upon selling your tablet and other electronics to us.

When you decide to buy pre-owned tablets and other electronics from us, we at Reebelo will make sure you only get top quality pre-loved and refurbished electronics according to original product specifications at a highly competitive price. Enjoy significant cost savings when you decide to get a pre-loved tablet at Reebelo for we compare prices across our buyback partners to ensure that you as our customer get excellent quality tablets at the best price possible. For instance, a refurbished iPad, for example the iPad Pro 9.7 costing initially SGD$840 can often be obtained at Reebelo at a 50%+ discount!

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Conveniently Shop At Reebelo For Refurbished Tablets – And Enjoy Warranty!

If you are thinking of where you can get a refurbished tablet without bursting your wallet, think no further.

Let your hesitations be allayed if you are still undecided between getting a refurbished tablet or simply a used one at Reebelo.

Here at Reebelo, we conduct our due diligence to ensure that all refurbished tablets have been completely inspected, repaired and cleaned before we put them up for re-sale.

In case you are wondering what ‘refurbished’ means, a refurbished tablet could be a secondhand or an almost brand new tablet that has gone through several rounds (40+) of quality inspections, cleaning-ups and repairs where necessary.

We at Reebelo have teamed up with various refurbishing partners to improve the overall quality of existing secondhand tablets and transform these tablets into excellent conditions.

Besides buying a pre-owned, refurbished tablet at Reebelo, trade-in your existing one and other electronic devices to get the best monetary value out of your transaction!

Be not discouraged if your existing tablet is in a defective condition. For example, even when you might have dropped it on the ground and cracked the screen, we will still buy your tablet as we hope to reduce the amount of technological waste polluting the environment. Just fill up the form here and we will get back to you quickly!

What is even better is that in contrast to offline stores and peer-to-peer marketplaces like Carousell, Reebelo offers you 30 days of warranty that can be extended for up to six months! All devices for sale are of tiptop quality with accompanying warranty periods.

If you are hard-pressed for time to get another pre-loved tablet or sell yours at Reebelo or from our partners, we can provide you with a FREE delivery or pick-up at your doorstep!

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Buy And Sell Your Pre-Owned Tablet Conveniently With Reebelo

Save your previous time by selling your tablet to Reebelo as soon as possible. Existing tablets depreciate in value as the days go by and you should act fast to prevent your device from further dropping in monetary value. By selling your tablet to Reebelo, you can also buy a refurbished one from us to save lots of money and to reduce your cost margins.

Reebelo makes getting and selling tablets and other electronics super convenient and super value-for-money. Hurry up and check us out here!

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