Used Phones In Singapore – Where To Buy And Sell Them

You might be unsure of how you can obtain another iPhone to replace your old one because brand new iPhones are at rocket-high prices.

Nonetheless, you still stand a chance of getting another iPhone with its useful benefits – without the sky-high prices of a brand new iPhone.

Consider what you really need in an iPhone before rushing to get the latest iPhone model. Instead, think about getting a used or refurbished iPhone at a greatly discounted price.

Consider getting a refurbished or secondhand iPhone with no bloatware and enhanced battery life without bursting your wallet.

Consider getting a user-friendly secondhand iPhone with the latter’s improved IOS and tailored widgets – at a competitive price.

Do A Reality Check On Your iPhone Needs

If you are still tempted to rush to get a brand new iPhone, do a reality check on your needs and wants.

You should assess if spending a bomb to chase the latest iPhone is really the way to go.

If you are not a shutterbug or a professional photographer, you might not necessarily need the iPhone 11 with a 120-degree field of view for you to take wide-ranging photographs without crooked edges.

Rather, you might opt for the iPhone XS with just a 12-megapixel telephoto lens – good enough to produce photos during your casual Instagram moments.

After properly assessing your needs, read the following sections detailing where you can buy a used iPhone and even sell your existing one to save money and get the most value out of your transaction.

Brick-And-Mortar Phone Stores

One of the most instinctual things you might do when buying a new or used phone is to head to your nearest mobile phone store near your HDB neighbourhood or in the city center to browse the phone range in the store.

Having said that, such brick-and-mortar stores usually do not enjoy a wide range of phone models for you to take your pick from.

Moreover, many of the mobile phones at these stores are not priced at the most competitive prices.

Without a proper benchmark for price comparison, you will likely lose out in terms of hard-earned money when you pay more than what you should be paying for a used iPhone.

Some of these brick-and-mortar stores might not be entirely honest with you regarding existing defects on their used phones.

Without a reasonable warranty time frame, you as the customer will stand to lose out should your newly obtained iPhone exhibit signs of weak battery life and the like.

Consquently, you would have to incur additional costs to repair and inspect the phone after purchase.

Furthermore, should you want to sell your existing iPhone with its screen scratches and dubious battery life, you might not be able to do so at many of these mobile phone stores as many of them accept phones in good condition.

Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

To many buyers and sellers of mobile phones, conducting buy-sell transactions on peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist or Carousell might seem to be the next best option to have.

However, peer-to-peer marketplace transactions are not as clear-cut and smooth-sailing as others might portray them to be.

If you hope to buy an iPhone on a marketplace like Carousell, you might have to invest a great deal of time and effort to write to various potential sellers to obtain your desired phone at your desired price point.

On such marketplaces with limited or no security checks, you run the danger of having the seller disappear into thin air without handing over their phone to you even after you have paid him or her for the phone.

There is the danger that the iPhone you might be buying might have been previously stolen. If you remain unknowing and purchase such a stolen phone, you would end up on the wrong side of the law.

Hence, you might have to face the tiresome task of filing a police report in addition to losing your money for no good reason at all.

On the other hand, if you aim to be a phone seller on such marketplaces, you might waste a lot of time waiting for a suitable and willing buyer to purchase your pre-loved iPhone at a desired price point.

As the value of your phone depreciates day-by-day, waiting for the perfect buyer to come along would be an unproductive waste of time. 

If you are one of those busy professionals or students with not much time to arrange a meeting to collect your phone or to hand your pre-loved phone to a buyer, you would have to pay additional costs to obtain your purchased used phone or have your existing phone delivered to the buyer.

You would have to spend a lot of time combing through Internet reviews before arriving at a seller or buyer whom you can consider trustworthy.

Buy From Reebelo, Singapore’s Leading Marketplace For Pre-Owned Electronics

Exasperated with the narrow product range, dubious phone origins, significant risks, poor phone qualities and uncompetitive prices at both offline stores and peer-to-peer online marketplaces?

How about getting a good quality phone from the Singapore-accredited marketplace Reebelo?

Reebelo partners with various buyback providers as well as phone businesses to make sure that you can buy a used iPhone at a highly affordable and competitive price as well as to ensure you can even sell your existing defective iPhones to get some money back.

We at Reebelo are happy to buy your defective phone if that means we can reduce the amount of technological waste (including that of old and discarded phones) that ends up in landfills.

Additionally, Reebelo’s wide collection of refurbished phones have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired that they have become as good as, if not better than, brand new phones.

Add this fact to the highly competitive secondhand phone prices Reebelo offers buyers like you and you would find yourself in for a wonderful deal saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! 

For example, if you decide to buy a refurbished iPhone, such as a a gold-coloured iPhone XS from Reebelo, you can often save SGD$600 off the original hefty price of a brand new model!

If you are concerned about Reebelo’s credibility and fear to obtain a previously stolen phone, fret not.

We at Reebelo work with various established and trusted business partners, including the Singapore Police Force, to offer you a comprehensive collection of excellent quality iPhones in accordance to the law. Our past track records bear testimony to our customer-centric business model and service.

If you are concerned about your phone’s warranty period, do not worry as we provide you a 1-month warranty time frame that can be extended to up to 6 months at no additional cost.

Rather than buying a used iPhone and selling your existing one at two separate time frames, how about buying and selling them in one single transaction to save twice and to get the most value? 

What is the icing on the cake is that you as a buyer or seller can enjoy a free phone delivery or pickup at your doorstep!

Reebelo’s competitors such as offline stores and Carouselll do not offer such a premium and free service and we are happy to say that this is a major advantage of getting your used iPhone from us!

Reebelo – The Ultimate Platform For Buying And Selling Used iPhones

When you decide to buy and/or sell a secondhand iPhone, look no farther than Reebelo.

We at Reebelo do not just talk, but walk the talk when we provide excellent customer service and product quality.

We put ourselves in your shoes and seek to address your concerns when getting a used iPhone.

Your interest is our top priority. Check out our wide collection of phones here right away while selling your existing iPhone at the same time! Hurry up while stocks last!

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