Things you need to check when getting a used phone in Singapore

With brand new iPhone prices sky-high and costing thousands of your hard-earned money, you might be hesitant to get a new iPhone when you find you need one.

However, that does not mean you can never lay hands on a iPhone with all its useful features. Getting a pre-loved iPhone in good quality would be the next best alternative.

That being said, if you are getting a used iPhone from peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay or from a friend, you might run the risk of existing defects on your newly gotten phone and miss out on a considerable warranty period. The risks or precautions you have to take do not just end at getting sub-par battery lives or getting scratches on the phone. Read on to consider the pros and cons of getting a used phone in Singapore as well as things you need to look out for.

Pro #1: Reduce Environmental Waste By Getting A Used iPhone

Getting a used phone will reduce the amount of technological waste that ends up eventually in landfills around Singapore.

Reducing waste in Singapore, including technological ones, is pertinent as many technological consumers contribute to the waste quotient in Singapore and beyond with their insatiable demand for brand new devices.

Each device requires the use of already scarce environmental resources such as metals from the ground.

We at Reebelo promote recycling and waste reduction extensively as we plant a tree for every pre-loved device purchased from us.

We hope to encourage more people to embrace the concept of having pre-loved or refurbished devices in efforts to minimize waste.

Pro #2: Save Your Money While Getting Excellent Phone Features

A major advantage of used iPhones is that you can save hundreds of dollars while getting pre-loved and refurbished iPhones , without having to pay the premium.

Getting a refurbished phone means that the phone has been completely repaired, cleaned and inspected by specialists , making the phone quality as good as that of a brand new one or even better.

Enjoy significant cost savings when you get a a refurbished iPhone, and enjoy these savings at Reebelo.

Con #1: The Phone Might Be A Stolen One

Singapore is relatively a safe country with low crime rates as compared to certain parts of the world.

Yet crime ranging from petty theft to murder still exists in our city-state of over 5 million people.

When you buy a used iPhone from personal contacts or from peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist, you run the huge danger of getting a stolen phone from an unknown seller.

Should the law catch up on the theft, you will be in deep trouble despite being innocent.

Are you really willing to take such a huge risk to get a stolen pre-loved iPhone?


Thankfully, we at Reebelo are licensed second-hand goods dealer and have teamed up with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that we do not trade any stolen phones.

With Reebelo, you can rest assured your iPhone will not be a stolen one. Save time and effort from checking if your newly gotten pre-loved iPhone is a stolen one. We at Reebelo always conduct the necessary due diligence checks to make sure you are on the right side of the law.

Con #2: Limited Or No Warranty Period

Another frustrating point when searching the market for the most suitable used iPhone would be that many phone dealers as well as previous owners will not offer you a good warranty period for the used iPhone you would be getting.

Therefore, your risks of getting a defective phone that might cease to work optimally are great. You would be investing your hard-earned money into a product with high risk and little returns should it be defective. In such cases, in case the iPhone exhibits some problems.


At Reebelo, have your fears of limited or no warranty periods set at ease because we offer warranty periods for all pre-loved devices. In the unlikely case of existing defects in the phone, we offer you a full refund or a free replacement.

Some Tips To Note

When you are getting a pre-loved iPhone, be sure to compare prices across the board to make sure that you are paying a competitive price and no more.

This comparison might be difficult for you when you decide to go to brick-and-mortar stores who have a fixed price range that might not be competitive and cost-friendly for you.

What is more, you will have to spend time and effort reading reliable reviews about shops before going there.

Also, when you buy a phone on eBay, you will have to conduct your investigation at your own time about the integrity and reliability of various phone sellers, wasting a lot of time in the process.

Fortunately, we at Reebelo will research the market and always cooperate with our buyback providers and partners to make sure that YOU as the customer can enjoy competitive prices when buying our premium quality, pre-loved phones!


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