The Ultimate Guide on Saving Money when Buying an iPhone in Singapore

Do you want to maximize your hard-earned money on the most suitable iPhone at the most competitive price?

Do you wish to stop chasing only brand new phone models and to prevent the hole in your wallet from getting bigger?

Or, if you are a current Android user, do you wish to switch to an iPhone but are put off by the sky-high prices of brand new iPhones?

You are in the right place, right here.  

Read on to find out how exactly to save money when buying an iPhone in Singapore in an age of inflation and rising living costs.

Rising iPhone Prices

Every year, the prices of Apple’s newly launched products are on the rise, since the first launch of the iPhone in 2007. Evidently, with rising product prices, Apple does not focus on targeting mass consumers but only an elite group of consumers insensitive to price increases.

With prices of the iPhone 11 Pro costing at least SGD$1649, many of us ordinary Singaporeans will be unable to afford it brand new given that the price of the phone alone takes up a considerable amount of our monthly salaries.

Undeniable Benefits Of iPhones

Expensive prices aside, we still have to admit (grudgingly or otherwise) that iPhones do have a list of benefits for users like you and me, as compared to Android Phones.

For instance, iPhones do not contain bloatware that take up space in phones. Thus users can still download and install various applications for their daily use.

Moreover, if you own a MacBook, you will find it convenient when you have an iPhone accompanying your other Apple device because MacOS has a continuity feature that enables you to make and receive calls and messages with your MacBook as long as you keep your iPhone close to your MacBook.

Furthermore, the latest iPhones in the market – the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max contain various features that might attract niche buyers.

For instance, if you are a shutterbug into photography, the iPhone 11 has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens as well as a 120-degree field of view for you to take wide-ranging photographs sans any crooked sides.

In contrast, the iPhone XS only has a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and no 120-degree field of view. 

Furthermore, the three- camera array in the iPhone 11 Pro will be suitable if you prefer to zoom in and take shots whereas the iPhone XS does not have such a feature.

Therefore, you might be thinking of getting last year’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone Pro Max – but are stalling for time until you see them more affordably priced.

Alternatively, you might have decided you do not need the latest iPhones, but are content to have an older iPhone model as long as your budget permits.

The following sections show ways how you can buy your desired iPhone while not spending a bomb but saving money in the process.

Option 1: Buy A Used Phone At Reebelo

You might have decided that you are no longer going to keep up with the crowd of chasing the latest phone models but instead are content to get a used phone that can still work great.

This is because you probably only use your phone to chat, message and utilise some applications once in a while, without needing additional features such as a multi-camera lens.

In this case, you can buy a used iPhone at Reebelo for a competitive price.

We at Reebelo work with various business partners to ensure that the phone you are getting is at the most competitive price possible.

The good news is that when  you buy a used iPhone at Reebelo, you could save as much as 56% when you purchase phones like the iPhone XS Max.

Option 2: Sell Your Old Phone To Reebelo Before Buying A New One

In addition, you can choose to sell your old phone to Reebelo instead of discarding it or selling it on peer-to-peer marketplaces like Carousell or eBay.

Discarding your phone will only cause it to depreciate in value and you to miss out on the opportunity to make some money out of selling it.

What is more, by discarding your phone in the rubbish, your phone will most likely end up in a landfill and contribute to the amount of tech waste that emit toxins that pollute the air, land and water.

However, by selling your old phone to us at Reebelo, you are contributing to reducing the amount of tech waste in Singapore and beyond.

For every phone that is bought, we at Reebelo plant a tree in Indonesia or Vietnam to celebrate your efforts at contributing to the recycling of phones for a more sustainable environment.

Option 3: Save Money Twice – Sell Your Old Phone And Buy A Pre-Owned iPhone At The Same Time

For maximum savings, consider trading-in your old phone while purchasing a pre-owned iPhone of your choice at the same time.

By trading your old phone in, you will be enjoying the monetary gains from your existing pre-loved phone because we at Reebelo grant you immediate payment on –the-spot or during the same day.

Also, buying a pre-owned and refurbished phone at Reebelo will mean you can enjoy significant savings while getting an excellent quality and useable phone.

Many of Reebelo’s phones in our collection are almost brand new and have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired for your ultimate ownership.

What is striking about Reebelo is that we offer a free purchased phone delivery as well as an old phone pick-up service from your doorstep!

Save A Lot Of Money With Reebelo

Reebelo exists because of customers like you.

Customers like you, who, have real concerns about skyrocketing phone prices and inflation rates.

Customers like you who hope to benefit from the enhanced features of newer iPhone models but who cannot afford the expensive prices from Apple or other phone carriers.

With Reebelo as your trusted and Singapore-accredited marketplace, you can look forward to considerable savings while getting your needed iPhone at lower prices.

What are you waiting for?

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