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Consider to sell your used phones if you do not plan to use it anymore.

Your old phone is still of value and can be easily turned into money once you sell it to a willing buyer. If you are looking for some spare cash or wish to have some profit while getting a phone upgrade, selling your secondhand phone can be a profit-generating business. While it is technically not tough to sell your phone, if you want to get the best monetary returns out of your transaction, read on for more tips on how you can easily sell your preloved device AT A GOOD PRICE while getting paid IMMEDIATELY!

 #1: The Hassle Of Selling On Carousell And Similar Marketplaces  

You probably have already heard about the personal marketplace of Carousell. While you can technically upload your photo and phone as well as key in some details of your phone to attract buyers, you might have to wait for weeks if not for months before a suitable buyer is willing to purchase your old phone at your given price.

That being said, not many buyers will be willing to buy your initial price listed on Carousell because each mobile phone loses value every week.

Thus, the harsh truth is that you are losing a lot of potential profits should you remain on Carousell!

Moreover, Carousell is an ‘open community’ whereby anyone and everyone can sell their old goods – at the buyers’ risks. There are limited or no quality checks, and you run the risk of the buyer defaulting on his or her payment or of delivering your phone personally (at your own cost) to the buyer who might not even show up. A lot of potential lost profits, time, money and effort will be wasted in the process. 

These disadvantages above likewise apply to other personal marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

While marketplaces likes Amazon and eBay can technically reach a wider international audience, you will reap the best profits when you sell your phone (that is already depreciating in value as the days go by) locally and to trusted buyers that can pay up.

Another major negative when it comes to selling on Carousell and personal marketplaces of its ilk is that buyers will most likely refuse to buy your cracked phone or your phone with a spoilt battery because there are other sellers selling better quality phones in the same marketplaces.


#2: How To Sell Your Used Phone On Social Media Or By Word-Of-Mouth

Again, you might have already advertised on your social media accounts that you are selling your used phone or might have already alerted your loved ones and friends who might be willing buyers.

That being said, you will likely face similar obstacles in getting the best profits out of your old phone as it would be difficult to sell to your loved one or close friend at a highly competitive price that would maximise your profit margins.

Moreover, advertising your phone by word-of-mouth and on social media takes time, which then again, is not your ally when it comes to selling your depreciating phone.

#3: Sell On Reebelo

An excellent option to derive the most monetary value at the least cost for your old phone would be to sell your used phone on Reebelo. While Reebelo buys brand new gadgets, it also buys secondhand smartphones of all models. You can sell your old phones at highly competitive prices to Reebelo as it works together with various buyback providers based in Singapore to ensure you get the best buyback price for your mobile device. What is even better is that if you have been offered a higher price somewhere else besides Reebelo, just let Reebelo know and we will match accordingly!

If you are worried that your old phone with a cracked screen without a charger cannot be sold, fret not. Reebelo buys phones of ALL CONDITIONS and thus you do not have to worry and waste time waiting for willing buyers.


Keen to sell your phone right away?

  1. Simply use the form on the website here: https://www.reebelo.com/pages/sell-used-phone to get a quote on its estimated value.
  2. There are two options by which you can sell your phone to Reebelo.
  • Firstly, you can opt to sell your phone by enjoying a FREE pickup of your used phone from your home and get paid on the very same day or immediately.
  • The other option is when you can dropoff your phone at centrally located partner stores and get paid IMMEDIATELY as well! 

Receive your money safely as Reebelo as an established and Singapore-accredited platform has a track record of trustworthiness.


If you wish to have an upgrade, simply trade your used phone or other used or brand new devices in with Reebelo to enjoy cost savings and good-quality services all the way!


Sell To Make Profits – With Reebelo

When you are thinking of selling your phone, Reebelo has your interests at heart. We cross-reference across the market spectrum for the best possible buyback price so that you can get the best value out of your old phone at no additional cost.

With excellent customer support and trustworthy on-the-spot payment, hurry up and sell your phone with Reebelo to prevent it from depreciating even further!

-By Angeline Tan 

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