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Thinking of leaving your used phone in some obscure part of your house while getting a new one?

How about selling your used phone to make some money as well as to help the earth in the process?

Sell your old phone to a buyer like Reebelo who has the expertise to recycle it to prevent it from becoming tech waste.

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Unwanted Cell Phones Destroy The Environment

When you choose to discard your cell phone, it could end up in a landfill and harm the environment. This is because your phone contains damaging toxins such as chlorine and mercury that could pollute the air and water supply around the landfill.

Moreover, phones that get thrown into landfills on into water channels can adversely harm marine life as well as infiltrate into groundwater. When these toxins are absorbed into the atmosphere, they could harm human beings and plants in the form of acid rain.

Evidently, if you and everyone were to similarly discard your phones in landfills , the toxins could seep into the ground and flow into waterways. Over time, the accumulated and combined effects of these unwanted phones would pose health threats to the ecosystem and more importantly to us human beings over time.

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New Phones Have Negative Environmental Impacts

What is alarming is that studies in the US and other places have shown that as miners dig for coltan (an ore that is used to make new cell phones), they do so at the expense of wildlife such as gorillas and other animals.

To satiate the never-ending consumer demand for the latest smartphones and other gadgets, miners and corporations alike have no qualms of ruining natural habitats of plant and wildlife to dig for ores to manufacture new phones.

However, if you and others choose to recycle your old phone or to sell it to sustainable partners like Reebelo, these scarce minerals such as ore found in phones can be reused and repurposed again in the form of refurbished phones.

By doing so, you indirectly reduce the negative impact on animals and the environment when people buy your used phones instead of getting new ones.



Reusing Electronics Can Reduce E-Waste

Studies in recent years have shown that Singapore is one of the largest producers of e-waste in Asia, with a 2018 National Environment Agency (NEA) survey stating that 60% of Singapore consumers feeling unsure of what to do with their used electronics (besides dumping them). While electronics like handphones and laptops can be dropped off at around 400 collection points set up by telco StarHub, a mere 93 tonnes of such waste were collected at such collection points in 2017.

These figures clearly show that a large majority of Singaporeans are still discarding their e-waste rather than recycling it.

As such, the Singapore government has identified the control and reduction of e-waste in Singapore as one of their priorities, with the NEA helming efforts to encourage individuals and businesses to participate in e-waste recycling efforts.

Reebelo’s mission to extend the lifecycle of your used phone would mean that you can prevent it from being e-waste and thus do your part in keeping our environment clean and green.


Sell Your Used Phone To Reebelo To Reduce E-Waste

Fortunately, marketplaces such as Reebelo will buy your used phones to refurbish and to re-sell them to others. Reebelo’s efforts tie in with the fact that there is an increasing global demand for refurbished phones as more consumers worldwide are turning to the secondhand phone industry instead of getting brand new phones at exorbitant prices.

By selling your phone to Reebelo, you will help keep your phone out of the landfill as well as increase the supply of pre-loved phones because Reebelo works on extending existing lifecycles of phones.

Furthermore, for every pre-owned device sold, Reebelo plants a tree in Indonesia or in Vietnam in order to contribute to preserving the environment for future generations.

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Generate Some Money By Selling Your Phone To Reebelo

Sell your phone on Reebelo even if your used phone has a swollen battery, cracked screen or other defects because Reebelo’s mission to reduce e-waste would mean that we will still buy your phone from you at a great buyback price.

Our cooperation with various buyback providers based in Singapore enables us to compare trade-in prices to ensure that you get the highest buyback price for your phone.

Also, if someone else has offered a higher price to buy your phone, just inform Reebelo and we will align accordingly.

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Decrease The Footprint of E-Waste And Earn Some Money With Reebelo

By selling your unwanted mobile phone or other devices to Reebelo, you help to lessen the amount of e-waste and carbon emissions into the environment while getting some money on the side. With your support, Reebelo will be able to do more to promote a sustainable environment while ensuring you as the customer get the best out of your existing phone.