Pros and Cons Of Buying A Secondhand Phone

Keen on Buying A Secondhand Phone or a phone upgrade but do not wish to break the bank?

Clumsy when handling electronic devices and do not wish to invest a huge amount of money in getting a brand new phone, only to accidentally drop it on the ground and crack the screen?

Or, are you simply interested to know if you should get a secondhand phone for your next purchase?

Well, buying a secondhand phone definitely reduces your costs significantly.

However, the advantages of getting a pre-loved phone go beyond the price tag.

Read on for more information about the pros and cons about getting a secondhand phone, as well as why getting a used phone at Reebelo is the ultimate value purchase you will make.



Do you actually need a brand new smartphone?

Before you hop onto the bandwagon and join the queue in getting the latest iPhone 12 or the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 this year, have an honest evaluation on your smartphone needs. If you only use your phone to chat, message as well as occasionally use apps, you most likely do not need a completely new phone. Moreover, companies introduce new phone models annually and based on historical trends, the differences between the previous year’s and current model are not that huge to warrant a hole in your wallet. If you are not a tech geek, a secondhand device will more than satisfy your phone needs. 

 Pro 1: Save A Lot Of Money With A Secondhand Phone

A secondhand phone is way more affordable than a brand new smartphone. This is because when a previous user has already used a phone, its price will drop a lot and this price drop will certainly benefit you if you are budget-conscious.

Thus, even if you have your eyes on a recent phone models, it is possible to obtain it while saving significant amounts of money by getting a used phone. If you choose an older phone model, you will spend much less. For example, if you get your used phone at Reebelo, you can enjoy wonderful cost savings and discounts of up to 70%.


Pro 2: More Choices With Secondhand Phones

If you are only fond of chasing the latest and newest gadgets in the market, chances are that you will be missing out on a great variety of user-friendly and affordable phone options. Brick-and-mortar retail stores and phone carriers typically provide only the most recent phones that have been launched within the past year. However, if you prefer to look for secondhand phones, your range will be a lot of diversified and you would have more options to select from, including recent models that were only introduced a few years ago.

Pro 3: Reduce Tech Waste With A Secondhand Phone

If you are conscious about the impact of your purchases on the environment, then purchasing a secondhand phone should be an option. With tech waste being a contributing factor to environmental waste, consider getting a secondhand phone to prevent at least one more device from being tech waste.


Con 1: Lack Of Warranty From Private Sellers And Untrustworthy Shops

Sometimes when you buy a used phone from a private seller (peer-to-peer) or a shop, there is no warranty and you would have to incur additional costs to pay for its repair should it malfunction.

Solution 1: Enjoy At Least 1-Month Warranty With Reebelo

That being said, a safe bet for you to get your used phone is at Reebelo because all of Reebelo’s phones are 100% functional and you enjoy at least 1 month of warranty on each product purchased. What is even better, if you are not 100% satisifed with your purchase (which rarely is the case given Reebelo’s track record of excellent product quality), you can return your used phone for free within 7 days or receive another free replacement from Reebelo.  These benefits can only be obtained at Reebelo and not even from some retail stores in Singapore or from private sellers on Carousell on other similar marketplaces.

Con 2: Used Phones Might Not Guarantee Product Quality

While a used phone might come in tip-top condition, it might also come with damages and scratches, depending on its previous owner. Also, you will be unable to ascertain the battery life of the used phone you are buying, especially if you are buying from private sellers on platforms (eBay, Craigslist and Carousell) or even from some brick-and-mortar heartland shops in Singapore.

What can complicate matters is that some of these retail shops might not conduct thorough quality checks, let alone individual random sellers on personal marketplaces. Hence, you run a huge risk of getting a used phone with poor quality from such marketplaces or even from some dubious smartphone shops.

Solution 2: Get Due Diligence And Quality Checks Done For You At Reebelo

Thankfully, when you buy your secondhand phone at Reebelo, you will be well assured that you will have access to Reebelo’s team of repair experts that will ensure the proper quality checks are conducted and any defects solved before you even purchase your phone. Moreover, you can further enjoy Reebelo’s team of trusted customer support advisors should you have any questions pre or post purchase.


Con 3: Untrustworthy Online Private Sellers

Buying used things online is a matter of trial and error. There are several sellers out there looking to make a quick and profitable buck – at your own expense. Be mentally prepared that the actual phone that you will buy or are intending to might not look as it is portrayed online or it might not work as it is described. There are tons of dubious and dishonest sellers on eBay, Carousell, Craigslist as well as at brick-and-mortar stores.  Reading reviews about various individual sellers will take a great amount of your precious time, and you might not get your desired phone model in the end.

Solution 3: Buy From A Reliable Partner Like Reebelo

Fortunately, the wide variety of phones provided by Reebelo is in good and useable condition when put up for sale. Should any defects occur in your phone’s working after you buy it, Reebelo offers an excellent warranty period to address your issues. Components that need renewing and refurbishing will be fixed at Reebelo during the warranty periods. Reebelo provides you a variety of reliable and trustworthy payment options and ensures you get a good quality phone that can be delivered for free right to your doorstep.  

Get The Best Quality Phone At The Best Price At Reebelo

Getting a used phone does not have to be an awful encounter. Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by buying a good quality secondhand phone with Reebelo as your reliable partner. With Reebelo doing all the necessary due diligence, you can rest assured that the risks associated with getting a secondhand phone are much less, if any at all.

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