How To Sell Your Phone Safely

Selling your used phone is not rocket science; yet you should take extra steps to protect your security and personal data while getting in some extra cash upon your phone sale.

With many cases of phone theft and data breaches over the years putting companies’ and individuals’ data at risk to criminals, one can never be too cautious about one’s personal security.

Read on for tips on how to sell your phone safely to get the best value out of your transaction without compromising personal or company information.

Sign Out of All Your Accounts

Before you decide to hand over or sell your used phone to someone else, remember to sign out of all existing accounts such as those Dropbox, Whatsapp, and Google accounts on your phone.

Click the “log out” button on each of these accounts and attempt re-signing in them again to double check that you have been successfully signed out.

Moveover, remove all accounts from your phone by going into the “Settings” section of your phone and deleting every account you have used and do not wish for others to pry into.


Do A Data Backup

After signing out of all your accounts and deleting them from the “Settings” section of your phone, ensure that you have successfully backed up all your important data stored in your phone on Google Drive or in the cloud.

By backing up important data and applications on Google Drive and cloud services such as iCloud, you can still keep the purchases you have made previously on your new phone.

Surely you do not wish to waste money buying whatever applications again when you sell your old phone and get a new one.

Furthermore, if you wish to be even more secure, connect your phone to your computer and copy files over manually.

You also can use third-party apps such as G Cloud Backup to migrate your data to another location.

Use your backup to restore all your apps, contacts and other data once you have obtained a new phone.

If you are an iPhone user and are already signed into iCloud, your phone will most likely be automatically backing up your data. Feel free to confirm this backup process by going to the “Settings” section and then proceeding to the following:

Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup

Ensure that the switch to the iCloud Backup is “On”.

Wipe All Data

Another important step you would have to take is to erase all data from your existing device. Reset your phone before selling it.

If you have an iPhone, turn your iMessage function off to avoid contacts sending to your phone’s new owner in the future.

While iPhones are easy to wipe, Android phones might require additional applications such as Lookout to ensure a clean eradication of all data.

Take Your SIM Card Out Of the Phone

Remove your SIM card from your existing device even when you do not require this card for your new phone.

Your SIM card might contain many existing phone contacts that you might risk losing should you sell it along with your existing phone.

Moreover, your SIM card connects whatever phone you might be using with your existing mobile carrier.

Remove All Data From Memory Card

If your existing phone has a MicroSD card, get rid of all the data in the card before selling your phone off.

Where Can You Best Sell Your Phone Safely? 

The following sections detail possible options where you can sell your phone safely in Singapore.

Check them out to find out which is the best way to sell your phone without compromising your secuirty.

Your Existing Mobile Phone Carrier

You might consider a mobile phone carrier trade-in when you decide to sell your old phone in exchange for a new one.

However, such trade-ins are not the most profitable transactions and you can get a greater deal of money off your existing phone when you explore other options.

Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

Another option you possibly could try exploring is that of peer-to-peer marketplaces such as eBay, Carousell and Craigslist.

You can advertise your used phone online and wait for a willing buyer to pay for the phone at a mutually agreed price.

One downside of using sites like Carousell is that these sites lack the necessary security checks to ensure that both buyers and sellers are reliable and honest ones.

This means you run the risk of the buyer not showing up to pay his or her fair share of the deal.

Another disadvantage is that you might have to wait for days or weeks before a suitable buyer shows up.

During the period of waiting, your phone would have depreciated in value considerably and might not be able to fetch the initial display price you put online.

Brick-And-Mortar Stores

Perhaps you might think that the typical brick-and-mortar stores would be your best bet.

Think again.

Should you have a defective phone, such as one with a cracked screen or batteries with limited life, chances are you would be unable to trade your existing phone in.

Moreover, many brick-and-mortar stores will not pay for your phone at the most competitive market price possible as they have their profit and cost margins to address.

Sell Your Phone Safely At Reebelo

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Reebelo – Your Trusted Phone Marketplace

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By Angeline Tan

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