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How to Save Money When Getting A New Phone

Phones are an indispensable part of our everyday lives and some of us are constantly on the lookout for a new phone to help us in our day to day tasks. Especially when phone companies are constantly innovating to create better phones, who wouldn’t want an upgrade?

However, phones usually take up a huge chunk of our income, especially if we are getting one without a phone contract. If you are an Apple fanatic, an iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB) will set you back at an average price of SGD$1,799 onwards. For our Android lovers, a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB) will cost you SGD$1,098 upwards.

So How Can You Save Money?

Well, there are various ways you can save your money when you are purchasing your new phone! Read on for some tips that you can definitely use when you are shopping for a new phone this new year!


#1: Sign a Contract

We know, it probably is one of the more common tips out there. Depending on the contract plan you sign with the different telco in Singapore, getting a new contract with a new phone may be cheaper. However, the downside is that you do get “locked-in” the contract for some telco.

The important thing here is to calculate how much savings you will actually be getting if you sign a contract to get a new phone or get the new phone without a new contract! You can use this simple sheet here to compare the total price you will be paying over a specific period of time: https://tinyurl.com/reebelotest

#2: Be a Bargain Hunter!

This may just be our favorite money-saving tip of all time when it comes to purchasing new phones!

Imagine getting a Samsung S10+ (512GB) at SGD$869 instead of SGD$1,598, that is a total savings of 45% - almost half and at this price, this phone is definitely a steal. The only place to get the phone at this price is on Reebelo - and if the only worry you have is the phone being not up to quality, you can put your mind to rest. Phones at Reebelo are refurbished with high-quality parts and goes through rigorous quality checks. Coupled with the one-month warranty on their products and 7-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase, this website is definitely a place for us bargain hunters!

Another way to hunt for deals is to look for flash deals on e-commerce websites like Shopee and Lazada that may offer discount vouchers on some of their products! Some of their products also have a warranty period that is covered by the seller themselves to give you a sense of security when purchasing the product - but always remember to read the terms and conditions before purchasing!


#3: Don’t Pay for Something You Don’t Need!

The truth is many of us do jump into getting a smartphone just because it is the newest one in the market or because the company has marketed it has a phone that we must have with all its features.

The fact is, we may not use most of the features anyway. Most of us tend to use our phones for the basic features and other features that the phones provide tend to cater to the niche market instead. Sit down and consider all the features you really need in a phone and find a functional one that is enough to meet your needs!


#4: Sell Your Phone!

Another way to reduce the cost of your new phone is to trade in your phones. Other than trading in at your usual telco and selling on websites like Carousell, another convenient way to sell your phone is to use Reebelo that provides great value for your used phone.

And for those who are too lazy to source around for a good price for trade-in, you can simply key in your phone model and the condition it is in on Reebelo and Reebelo offers a free doorstep pickup for your used phone!

Picking Smart for a Smartphone.

Choose wisely when you are choosing a new smartphone! Do a bit more research and you will still be able to save some costs and lessen the damage to your wallet while getting the phone you want!

Be smart while choosing a smart phone, browse through the collection now!

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