How much is my phone worth? Maximize your trade-in price!

So you are eyeing another phone model in the market in order to upgrade your phone.

You might be trying to reduce your cost margins for your desired phone by getting a refurbished or secondhand one instead of one that is brand new.

You might be wondering if you can enjoy further cost savings by trading in your existing phone at a specific price point, but are not sure how much.

Well, you are on the right track with us here on this page.  

The good news is that your current phone can still fetch some value.

Read on to find out how you can access the value of your phone and maximize its trade-in price to enjoy cost savings and get your desired phone!

Check The Current Condition Of Your Phone

Perhaps you have bought your current phone brand new at a recent date and did not use it for long.

If this is the case, check if you have the phone box and accessories that came with your phone to maximize the trade-in value for your phone.

Retailers and potential buyers will reduce a huge amount of value should your phone come without its original accompanying accessories.

The general rule of thumb in the Singapore market is that prices can range from around $5 to around $20 for each accessory in the box.

Moreover, take a look at the current condition of your phone.

Your phone’s physical state will be the ultimate arbiter of how much money it can fetch in a trade-in.

The same advice applies when you have been with your pre-loved phone for some years and are looking to switch gears: have a good look at its condition.

Does your phone have a cracked screen or failing battery life?

Are the software applications in your phone in good stead?

Or have you been meticulous in keeping your phone as pristine as possible? 

(Example: You might have considered already using a fully covered tempered glass to safeguard your phone screen from cracking.)

Check Your Phone’s Warranty Period

Your phone’s warranty period can be likened to its lifeline as the warranty time frame stipulates the duration your phone manufacturer would be responsible for any defects.

If your phone still has a valid warranty period, its value will be much more than if it does not have one.

Compare Prices At Your Telecommunications Service Provider

One instinctual thing you might do is to call your telecommunications (telcos) service provider (example: M1, Singtel, Starhub, My Republic, etc.) to compare your phone’s eventual trade-in price versus a re-contracting price for a new phone.

Sometimes, telcos might offer promotions on certain phone models for new contracts, thus making trade-in less worthwhile.

However, such telco promotions are ad-hoc and unpredictable.

As your existing phone value depreciates day by day, you cannot just sit back and wait for that elusive promotion that might never come.

Brick And Mortar Phone Stores

Another alternative would be to trade your phone in at your local neighbourhood retail stores.

While this might seem to be the next natural thing to do after contacting your telco provider, think again.

Very often, brick and mortar phone stores have a limited phone product range and might not offer the phone model you might want.

Furthermore, should your phone contain existing defects such as a severely cracked screen, these brick and mortar phone stores might hesitate to take your phone.

What is more is that many of these stores do not have the most competitive trade-in prices in the market as they have their own profit margins to hit.

You might not enjoy warranties on your newly obtained phone at these stores as well for free.  

Thus, you as a customer might be trading your existing phone in for less value than it is actually worth and incurring risks due to lack of warranties on your newly obtained phone as well.

Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

On top of retail stores, you might go to peer-to-peer marketplaces like Carousell, eBay and Craigslist to trade your phone in with other individual buyers.

While peer-to-peer marketplaces are all the rage these days, they have several disadvantages.

One such downside is that you would have to rigorously compare prices and reviews across the board as to the most competitive price  at which you could trade your used phone, as well as the most reliable buyer/seller with whom you can trade in.

Your existing phone will continue to depreciate in value during the huge amounts of time and effort you will be investing to scour the Internet for your ideal buyer.

You run the risk of meeting a dishonest buyer who might trade his or her own defective phone in with your workable phone.

Additionally, you might waste time filing a police report should a buyer fail to pay up his or her share of the deal.

While there are reliable Carousell accounts such as Reebelo’s with proven track record and excellent product qualities, looking for established buyers and sellers on Carousell and the like can sometimes be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Trade-In Your Used Phone At Reebelo

Sick of the frustrating wait for Carousell buyers to buy your phone and trade in theirs?

Tired of paying more for your desired phone than you ought to?

Consider trading in your phone at Reebelo, Singapore’s accredited used electronics marketplace.

End your worries in trading your existing phone in for your desired phone with us at Reebelo.

At Reebelo, we work with various established and reliable business partners to ensure that you get the best buyback price possible.

If you have been offered a higher buyback price somewhere else, simply inform us and we will match.

Reebelo is a credible electronics marketplace as we have partnered with the Singapore Police Force to ensure that you trade in your phone for your desired phone safely and that no stolen phones are to be transacted with us.

What you as a customer can look forward to at Reebelo is that we are happy to obtain your existing phone even if it has been damaged or if it has a faltering battery life.

This is because we at Reebelo hope to play our parts in reducing the amount of technological waste produced by discarded phones.

However defective your existing phone might be, there is still some value in it and we at Reebelo ensure that you as our customer enjoy this value.

Also, browse our wide collection of refurbished phones that have been comprehensively cleaned, inspected and repaired by our partners to ensure that defects are kept to a minimal, if any at all.

Save Twice By Trading Your Phone In And Getting Your Desired Phone With Reebelo

It is generally difficult to ascertain the monetary value of your phone in the market by your individual efforts and even with the help of brick-and-mortar stores.

The best solution would be to drop your phone off at Reebelo for an accurate market valuation of your phone.

Enjoy double savings when you trade your existing phone in with Reebelo and obtain a top quality and highly discounted Reebelo phone at the same time!

Just key your phone model here and type its current condition.

We at Reebelo will then do the rest of the work for you, including providing a free doorstep pickup for your used phone and free delivery for your ordered phone!

Hurry up and maximise your existing phone’s value by trading in now!

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