With the Singapore economy in a recession and the COVID-19 ‘circuit breaker’ measures in place for the foreseeable future, having a laptop might be necessary to do work as well as to communicate with loved ones in Singapore and beyond.

Yet you might have not been able to get your desired laptop model at your desired price at retail stores before the lockdown measures were underway.

Moreover, you might be having a tight budget and hope to stretch your dollars during your next laptop purchase and thus have found brand new laptops way too costly.

Consider buying a secondhand or refurbished laptop instead.

By getting a laptop that is not fresh on the market, you will still be able to enjoy decent functional features while saving a great deal of your hard-earned money during this recession.

To aid you in deciding why you should get a second-hand notebook instead of a brand new one, we explore some reasons below: 

Significant Cost Savings

Getting a pre-loved notebook would enable you to enjoy hundreds, if not, thousands, of dollars, in savings.

For example, if you were to buy a refurbished Apple Macbook Air, you can often enjoy immense savings of over 50%.

Even non Apple laptops are often on offer for steep discounts.

The considerable cost savings you can enjoy will be extremely useful to help you tide over this current economic crisis and beyond.

Refurbished Notebooks Are As Good As, If Not Better, Than Brand New Ones

The next compelling reason why you should buy a secondhand refurbished notebook is that such a notebook has been completely cleaned, inspected and repaired and therefore is as good as, if not better than, a brand new but more expensive notebook.

Moreover, refurbished notebooks tend to have fewer chances than brand new ones of harbouring defects - simply because they have been thoroughly inspected before being put up for sales.

For those of you who might be worried if your desired notebook would contain defects such as a damaged screen or battery, fret not when you get a refurbished notebook at a much cheaper price.

Save The Environment With A Refurbished Notebook

Every year, tons of technological waste are produced in Singapore and beyond. These burgeoning amounts of technological waste comprise largely discarded mobile phones and notebooks that eventually end up in landfills.

Discarded devices such as notebooks and mobile phones emit toxins that will pollute the surrounding air as well as seep into the ground, causing environmental degradation. In fact, market researchers state that a considerable percentage of the billions of notebooks and smartphones produced (since the introduction of the first iPhone more than ten years ago) have ended up unused and in landfills both in Singapore and globally.

What is worse is that the manufacture of new smartphones and notebooks needs precious metals that are processed using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to health. The search for increasing amounts of precious metals and other raw materials needed to make notebooks and other electronic devices results in major damages to biodiversity.

To mitigate environmental damage, we at Reebelo plant a tree in Vietnam or Indonesia for every device that is transacted via our marketplace. Reebelo’s mission is to reduce the amount of technological waste as a result of discarded but still usable electronic devices like mobile phones, notebooks and iPads.

Do your part in keeping our environment safe to live in by getting a second-hand notebook the next time you make a notebook purchase.By purchasing a secondhand or refurbished notebook, play a part in reducing the amount of technological waste produced - by one notebook.

Most Computer Software Can Function Well On Older Laptop Models

If you are worried that an older laptop might not be able to handle the computer software you might need for work or learning, fret not. Most computer software can run on older and used laptops.

This means that you do not have to worry about spending that unnecessary $1000 or more on a brand new laptop to cater to your software and programming needs.

If your budget is on the lower end, browse our collection of refurbished laptops. We often have laptops under $500. You'd be ready to work in no time!

Enjoy Double Savings When You Trade Your Existing Laptop In At The Same Time

Another important reason why you should buy a second-hand notebook instead of a brand new one is that you can enjoy double savings!

When you decide to trade your current notebook in while simultaneously buying a second-hand notebook at Reebelo, you can enjoy even more savings than if you were to only buy a second-hand notebook at any one time.

Even if your existing notebook were to have some defects, do not worry as we will still buy them back to prevent your notebook from ending up in landfills!

All you would have to do is to fill up this form to get your transaction going!

Get Quality Second-Hand Notebooks At Reebelo At Great Prices

We at Reebelo will ensure that your purchase experience would be as seamless and contact-free as possible. The safety of our customers is a top priority, thus we offer FREE doorstep delivery and pickup services for your existing and desired notebooks. By getting a used notebook from us at Reebelo, stand to look forward to having a good quality notebook at a highly discounted price!

By Angeline Tan 

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